The carrot dangling on a string tied to a stick is an age old metaphor that despite it’s disputed origins, still conjures up the right image.

We all have a carrot or two dangling in front of us. Is it your job? The promise or hope of a promotion? Is it your relationship? The promise or hope of the ‘next step’. Is it your living situation? Waiting to move into that bigger place or better neighborhood Or your next paycheck? Those boss that feeds you exactly what you need to hear to keep you working hard and hoping for the next big break.

But dangling carrots are meant to keep you staying on someone else’s path. These hoped-for incentives may be just the thing to keep you going.  I’m not so sure we should believe in these carrots. I’m starting to see that I need to recognize these carrots in my own life. And once they are identified, I must cut the string.

No more dangling carrots to give me false hopes. Life is creating the best opportunities. I can’t keep chasing carrots for all my days. And you shouldn’t either. I’m going to focus on cutting the string.

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