Minimalism isn’t just about getting rid of all your stuff. If you follow any other minimalism blogs, you know this topic has made the rounds thoroughly. But there is something elegant in the air as spring defeats winter. The extra hour in the day, the burst of colors everywhere, and the smell of extra oxygen even lingers in the air… These things inspire freshness. And in the consumers world, this means spring cleaning. That’s right, it doesn’t just apply to emails.

I’ve been really digging deeper into this life of minimalism. I have been questioning everything I choose to own.  I’m a bit of the sentimental at heart, saving damn near everything even though my girlfriend may now argue that. And even though I desire the beauty that is minimalism, I somehow still accumulate unnecessary extras and excess.

But now it’s time to sell or junk it all. I recently took photos of all my extras and then loaded into my truck. I’ve put it all on Craigslist and Amazon. And while this is certainly a process, it’s much less work once you just do it. One I’ve stupidly been putting off for a long time.

So why not just do it already?

Well I’ve made those critical first steps. I’ve sold lamps, a Colombian hammock, an old typewriter, my first electric guitar, an amp, digital cameras, old phones, furniture and everything in between. I’ve also put up a lot of old textbooks on Amazon and I’ve been making a killing this way. So far, I’ve already cleared over $400 and my truck is still full of more stuff. And this helps, since I have no ads or affiliate marketing. To think, I’ve sort of indirectly made money from this blog!

Spring is starting off right. And I don’t plan to stop here. All the extras are going out and staying out. Find your inspiration. Read how Joshua and Ryan did it. They documented their whole process and now focus on what matters.

*a moral to the story*

I sold my motorcycle lock to an old timer off of Craigslist. I’ll call him Javier, since that’s his name. I told him about my quest to sell all my stuff. To own less. To be more. I told him about my travel plans. My excitement and enthusiasm surely made me seem fiery and mad, a young Kerouac screaming to criss-cross the country. But old man Javier looked at me calmly and just said ‘good’. And he assured me I’m not crazy for wanting this. He knows the crazy life is the life of pretend safety and comfort. Careers, people, things… they do not give you comfort and stability anymore. This unstable economy and society has shown us that comfort and stability are dead. We need to make our lives worth living. We need to be who we always dreamt of being.

Don’t let those dreams stay as dreams.

This isn’t just about freedom from your stuff. Freedom from the clutter. Freedom from the burdens of needs and wants and must haves. It’s also about money. I’m certain you have your own desires for better ways to spend your money. Give yourself that opportunity and run with it.

Stop saying later. Stop putting it off. If you need a fire lit under those buns, this is it! Spring is in the air and so is the new you! I hope you’re out there making your life happen, because no one else can do that for you.

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