We encourage each other, and ourselves, to create, to write, to build, to do! If you’re not part of the creativity, then you are wasting your time. If you’re working a 9-5 job, then your life has very little meaning or at least, you are fully free to feel down about yourself.

For the most part, I’d like to continue encouraging one another to fill their lives with passion. I still believe in our golden age. I still believe that we owe it to all of human history  to do spectacular things with our days. Right now. But recently I’ve had a revelation of sorts. There is a secondary position we all must take too. And, in history, this space has always been held and fulfilled. And today, we need these people too.


Wait! This isn’t boring stuff here. This is perhaps more important than your own pursuits, your artwork, your music, your life. This is about the future of greatest sitting amongst our present.

We cannot have our Vincent Van Gogh without our Theo Van Gogh. Theo was Vincent’s brother, and arguably the only reason that we have the brilliant mind and art of Vincent. And let me connect the dots for you. Vincent Van Gogh is often considered one of the most important artists to ever live. He inspired movements that influence film and art still today. If you still need convincing, watch this short clip here.

Theo was Vincent’s emotion crutch, his greatest support. Vincent depended on the praise and enthusiasm that Theo provided. His unstable mental state was frail and constantly at risk of falling apart. Theo not only mentally kept his brother going, but he also financially supported Vincent too. Remember, Vincent sold only one painting in his lifetime.

Theo wasn’t just Vincent’s brother. He was well known and respected in his age for his contributions and work as an art dealer. So, you can keep your normal job and still play an important role in history.

We are often only interested in the immediate returns on our investments. Today, his investment is considered priceless, though if one had to put a number on it, it would be considered the highest price in art history.

So consider who you can and should support. Theres an artist, a writer, a musician who needs some support right now. Mentally, emotionally, financially. They may not even believe in their skills yet. So be that support.

Some folks are the mad artists, and some are the silent supporters. We all have someone to invest in.

Of course, that doesn’t give you an excuse not to create. But you know, now you have something even more important to do.

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