A trip to the desert is not comfortable. The browbeating heat of the day aggressively contrasted by the quick, temperature dropping nights… the life sustaining nectar we call water- a foreign element to the sands and winds… The rare people, plants, and animals that call the desert home, understand a barren lifestyle most of us only see in films. Without beating a dead camel, the desert has little to offer life.

Of course, unless you are a rainforest.

The past few years has been a boom for the fine folks who study mineral dust research. It turns out the Sahara Desert, specifically a tiny little spot called the Bodele Depression, supplies the winds with enough mineral dust to float across the Atlantic Ocean and settle pretty in a corner of South American known to some as the Amazon rainforest. Without this mineral dust from Africa, the Amazon would cease to exist.

Not many people choose to live in the desert. The landscape does little to support and promote life. But all is not lost! We need the dry times and strange wastelands in order to have the oppostive, and so the rainforest, with all her diversity, creations, mysteries, and life can only exist with the help of the dead and barren.

This charming reminder serves a few purposes:

The world is more connected than we realize.

What you do here impacts people and things far and wide.

Embrace the dry and barren times, as they may be supporting your rich and abundant times.

If creativity were a landscape, the artists haven would be the rainforest.

To have a rainforest you must first have a desert.

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