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Why You Must Copy and Steal Everything

Creative genius doesn’t always strike when you want it to. For me, it never flows when I am sitting down waiting for it. Creativity comes from inspiration. Inspiration from what excites you. Locate that, and you’ve found your source for creativity. So find it. Then copy and steal it.

i didn’t come here to copy, i came here to steal.

If you’ve checked out my tumblr at all, you may recognize that line. It’s the header I’ve had on my tumblr since it’s inception. I started that tumblr as my digital dumping grounds for all the links, images, quotes, ideas, concepts, and articles I come across on the web. If you’re like me, you also email yourself these same things, where they end up in the endless archives of gmail, unsorted, unlabeled, lost. That can be quite useless.

Way back when, before Al Gore invented the internet, folks used a ‘commonplace book‘. Think of it like the junk drawer; where all the things you kinda think you may need or find amusing, end up. It may be practical or it may be worthless but easy on the eyes. The idea is that over the course of your life, you come across a diverse collection of inspiration. Keeping everything in one place for reference, even random browsing, can be enough to get those creativity gears grinding again.

“It’s not where you take things from, its where you take them to.”
-Jean-Luc Godard

Start now.
 Use tumblr, a private blog, even a moleskin. Just start. You’ll be happy when you can look back at a few hundred or thousand seemingly random posts, images, thoughts, ideas, all coming from what caught your creative attention at one point or another. The lifting off point is closer than you think.

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