I’ve developed this habit of searching for life lessons. It seems to be useful when little nuggets of wisdom can be extracted, but sometimes I grasp and grasp and still end up with nothing good.

I’ve also found that there are a few of you smart folks out there that engage with me through these writings. So I guess I’m turning to you. Help me, please.

You all know my living set up by now. Well since last week, the highway right outside my place has been under construction. Except, it’s only during the hours of 2am-4am. Really.

And this isn’t your regular run-of-the-mill road work either. I’m talking 6 trucks and 3 concrete saws cutting lines in the highway. I’m not even sure the purpose. Now I realize that reading this doesn’t do any justice, but I have taken a  video if that would be worth uploading. It is absurdly loud. Concrete saws already have the highest shrill, but three of them going straight for 2-3 hours is just plain awful. Even with earplugs and music playing, it can still be heard. Truly, it’s that loud.

Slumber with a key won’t help me here. There is likely no relief. Just grit those teeth and bear it. That, and let my eardrums bleed. So what do you do what interruption looms? I can expect that from 2am-4am, I will be awoken and sleep will be unavailable. Judging from their slow pace, it’ll be a at least another week of this… The anticipation alone is enough to damn near kill a man.

Perhaps life is just randomly rewarding and randomly penalizing. I don’t know. But I’d at least like to try to get something out of these paragraphs of life. Thanks ahead of time for your thoughts and wisdom.

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