There are some things I’ve been exposed to that never held my interest. Race cars, sailboats, pop music, and stock markets float off the top of my head. I’m certain there are more, but some things are just that easy to dismiss without really ever trying.

Chicago sailing is quite popular but I never knew anyone with a yacht. I also didn’t care much to push it further. I’ve even lived in the famous ‘City of Sails‘ for a year and never went out on a sailboat. It just didn’t do much for me. San Diego is also a popular spot for water life, and as fortune would have it, I have a friend with a sailboat.

So yesterday I went out on a sailboat. And damn, it ignited the Huck Finn in me. I can’t believe I’ve let myself miss out on all these years of sailing. Even more embarrassing, one of my dearest friends was an accomplished junior sailor. I could have been getting free lessons and trips for the last 8 years or so, if I’d just given the damn thing a try.

But I had convinced myself of my disinterest before ever even trying it. Well it’s certainly not too late to learn new tricks, but this has been a good reminder to actively try new things (even when you’re certain you won’t be into it).

I’m also going to start putting the feelers out there if anyone is interested in doing something like this. I saw this trailer a few months ago but now it’s feeling like a much needed reality. Anyone interested, drop me a line.

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