I’ve been traveling for the better part of eight years now. The idea of home seems complex and awkward. Is it where I’ve ditched my box of keepsakes and milkcrates of books? Well then, my mom’s crawlspace and my pop’s attic is home. Is it based on my current mailing address or where I sleep at night? Truly, I’m not so sure it even matters. One can live in the same town their whole life and have the mindset of a traveler, or by opening their doors they can meet folks from all over the world.

The mindset of the traveler is a life of inquisition.

The new year begins the next chapter in my life, informally The Year of the Vagabond, though I have no reason to believe it will only be a year. Either way, it started off right with a 4800 mile (7700 km) road trip across the states, and still another 3000 mile road trip in three weeks. Southern California has been my home base for almost exactly three years, so it’ll be good for me to have a change of scenery.

Come February I’ll be in south Florida (hopefully) pulling a short stint as a mate on a fishing boat. When the weather warms in Europe we’ll be heading that way, and continuing east, all the way east, through and around the Middle East. The plan then includes getting to Moscow for the Trans-Siberian to Trans-Mongolian train trip. Hello to Asia and Southeast Asia to India.

So yes, the year of the vagabond.

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