You may have noticed my absence recently. I spent a chunk of the past week in Los Angeles; meeting up with friends and taking a short break away from work and life in San Diego and the ‘net. Even these little escapes can put things in perspective.

I met up with an old college roommate who is now living in Portland. He pulls eye balls out of dead people in the dreary Pacific northwest. We decided early on that we wanted to hobo it for old time’s sake. This means sleeping on rooftops (a theatre off of Sunset Blvd in Hollywood and a rooftop of a Victoria house-turned-restaurant in Santa Monica). That photo above is him passed out cold on the beach. We splurged when it came to food, turning only to cheap coffee and greasy spoon diners. No dumpsters for us.

Cutting out and bailing on my regular life reminded me that I have a lot to change. Living for the weekend or the time away from ‘work’ can’t be healthy nor sustainable. I don’t want to subscribe to the TGIF lifestyle.

I want to be thankful it’s Monday.

So what are you doing to make sure every day is a weekend? What are you initiating in your life to see that every day is a day spent on work you are wild and passionate about?

It’s high time for me to re-focus my energies on my passions. I’m not here to completely hark on the 9-5 lifestyle. If you’re doing what you love during the hours of 9-5, then damn it, good for you. But if not, do you really want to keep living for Friday?’

Why not wake up and be happy because every day is one you spend how you want to spend it? I know I want to say ‘Thank God It’s Any Day’. Even Monday. Okay, so now I have to get there.

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