So here are the complete pieces to my 1947 CZ motorcycle. Everything you need to have a motorcycle is right there, albeit in pieces. I’ve been slowly working on this project for a while now, but now it’s high time for me to knock it out. I’ve taken everything apart and thoroughly cleaned, re-painted, and re-finished every piece with the soft gingerly touch that is often only reserved for cradling a baby.

My old man used to tell me if you’re going to do something, you may as well do it right the first time. I hated this advice as a kid, but over the years have come to appreciate the benefits of not cutting corners. Taking the time to analyze every part, every curve, and every nick can be overwhelming. I get this itching in my bones to scrap the whole thing and toss it back together. But then I re-settle myself and find the place to focus, appreciating every part for it’s unique purpose.

It’s easy to tear something apart, but putting it back together is where the value comes in. Do it right the first time; take the time to care for it in pieces.

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