Perspectives and assumptions are tricky things. My last post and the following comments have had me thinking about why we even need new perspectives. I have a seemingly constant desire to see new things. My urge to travel is forever deep and I can’t seem to soak up new experiences fast enough.

It isn’t out of some discontent with my own life though. I enjoy my days immensely and I’m easily at peace with myself. Curiosity isn’t such a bad thing, right? But why do I consistently desire new perspectives?

Without changing up your perspective once in a while, it’s too easy to get caught up in assumptions. You begin to see the world a certain way and end up believing that your way, your perspective, is the normal way. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately in regards to the blogging community.

There are a lot of us that read some high quality content on all sorts of topics. We all meet up online in the blogosphere (yeah I too think that word sounds awful) and amp each other up on new and exciting ways to think and live. It’s easy to think this is how everyone thinks. But it’s not how everyone thinks. This is why the like-minded folks all meet up here.

But something happens when we are constantly exposed to the same things. We lose curiosity and we collect assumptions. So how can we challenge our assumptions? Learning new things helps, but sometimes all you have to do is change the way you look at something. Shoot, you can even start with something as simple as a frying pan.

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