I meant to fire this post off yesterday, but now that I’m fully retired and every day is a Monday, well today is just as good for me.

Okay, I’m not going to let my brain melt with inactivity or the mindless musings of a (very privileged) retired 26 year old. Sure I’ve worked hard for this day, saving intensely, living frugally, etc but let’s be real here: this is the culmination of all of human history- generations working jobs they hated- so that one day we could have it easy.

Well Monday was that day for me.

My old man tells me I have too much enthusiasm to fall. So with that, I’m off to live my life on my own terms. This life bohemian has long been in motion, but today (or rather yesterday) marks a significant shift for me, almost 2 years in the making.

Don’t let anyone tell you it isn’t possible.

When the question is asked, “so what do you do?’ I simply respond, ‘I’m retired’.

A more elaborate answer? My career is now my life.

So here we are. The next few months will be spent here in the states working on assorted projects and life interests. Then, it’s off to international lands for an indefinite spell. This is going to be good.

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