It is amusing that at the idea of the world coming to an end, people are anxious to get rid of their stuff or, in most cases here, get other people’s stuff. It seems that the first thing people think of is all the stuff left behind. They want to make it theirs. Forget the fact that millions of people will disappear, let’s get their stuff!

A majority of these postings are just jokes, but there stems a little bit of truth in them. We live in an extremely consumerist society that is obsessed with stuff, obsessed with making money, and spending that many on more stuff! And for what? To make us happier? To make us appear wealthy and interesting? Or maybe to load us down with crap and strip us of our freedom?

The truth is that most of the stuff we have is junk. It is crap that we don’t need and has no value to us when we leave this world. So if this stuff doesn’t matter after we’re gone, why does it matter so much now? I have an answer for you: it doesn’t.

Our society has everything backwards. We’ve forgotten the simple pleasures of life. We’ve forgotten how valuable relationships with other people are and that those connections last longer than any material item we could have. We’ve forgotten how rewarding our life experiences are. We are blinded by money and power.

People were also capitalizing on this false prophecy by making “I Survived the Rapture” t-shirts and selling pet-care services to believers who wanted their pets cared for after they’re gone. With all the focus that our societies has on possessions and money, maybe God should come soon.

I’m hoping this raises an increased awareness in people that our stuff does not matter.

We need to shed them so we can live on Earth easier and focus on what really matters.

How many of us really live our lives fully? Our last day could be any day.

So, how will you spend your last hours on Earth?

Note: If we do find ourselves at the end of the world and zombies are roaming the earth, you’ll find me hanging out in here.

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