In the 1880s there lived an inventor. He created a typesetting machine that was believed to revolutionize the printing industry. Think Apple Computers of the 1980s. Yeah, potentially big stuff. And the most popular writer of the time, Mark Twain, became the primary investor in this endeavor. Twain poured over $300,000 into the project. That’s a chunk of coin nowadays, but back by today’s equivalent that’s closer to $5.5 million dollars.

You’ve never heard of the Paige Compositor for good reason. It failed. But it didn’t fail quickly. It took years of cradling that baby to the grave, all the while Mark Twain ground down his last dollars with this investment. He even lost his wife’s inheritance over this.

Mark Twain is one of my favorite people of history, and arguably, my favorite author. He was a wise and witty man. But the Paige Compositor was attributed to his financial troubles and the subsequent loss of his wit and humor.

He didn’t know when to quit.

Today I quit my job. Well, more accurately I’ve given my two weeks notice. So on 5pm September 16th, 2011 I will be without traditional employment. I cut the strings. I’ve got plans for long term travel.

Don’t worry, I won’t be selling eBooks or consulting services. I write here because I want to document my progress and thoughts in life. I am more interested in leaving an interesting legacy for my future kids and grandkids one day than trying to make money on a blog. I hope you enjoy this new chapter of my life with me.

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