Navigating through crowds is a hassle. Train stations, busy sidewalks, airports, street markets, and every day life in a city can be a pain in the ass. People walking every which way, crossing your path, you crossing theirs, no one happy with their progress and everyone bumping and mucking about with annoyance.

But not for me.

There’s a trick I learned a few years back when living in Chicago: the importance of looking past people.

The next time you are in a crowded space, look past the people going against you. Set your sights on a point beyond them and you will find yourself seamlessly navigating the crowd. When you make eye contact with someone going against your grain, you both move to the same direction and that awkward dance takes place. Left, right, left, ‘you go’, ‘no, you go’.

Avoid it. Learn to look past people.

This advice works figuratively too.

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