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Disappointment and Failed Hot Air Balloons

The beautiful and forever talented Meg recently bought a ticket for two on a hot air balloon out of San Diego, CA. So far, we are 0 for 3 on our attempts to actually get airborne. Apparently it is not quite the season for hot air balloons.

This has been extremely disappointing, as you may know this item is one that currently sits on my Beer and Skittles List. Last weekend it was canceled on account of the overcast skies and stormy conditions, and then again mid-week. This past weekend we made it so far as to get out in the field and watch the swarms of workers unravel the balloon. One crew even started to inflate theirs. But since this is a story of disappointment, you can see where this is going. Bad winds and a setting sun ruined any chance of going up. At least this time around.

You probably assume I live a bourgeois lifestyle; me complaining about how I can’t seem to get this hot air balloon ride. All that and woe is me.

But my greater point is about disappointment. I’ve been conditioned to see these setbacks as a reason for greater things far beyond my vision. For instance, prior thought would say, “Well David, perhaps if you would have gone up this weekend, your balloon would have crashed and you would have died.” Or even more trite, “These things happen for a reason.”

Disappointment shouldn’t always be a life lesson in patience. Perhaps disappointments are actually just annoyances in life and that’s really all. So big deal.

You didn’t get that promotion. Your car just broke down. You don’t know why you keep living check to check.

Maybe you’re doing it wrong. Or maybe life just has disappointments. Either way, I’m not entirely sure I will keep subscribing to the belief that there is a greater lesson at play here.

You’re not defined by your disappointments. You’re defined by what you do in spite of them.

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