Rainbows are remarkable. They are brief moments of joyful beauty in the sky that occur when sunshine and rainclouds meet, leaving a lasting impression. Rainbows don’t just appear in the sky. We are also capable of creating our own rainbows every day through our words and actions. Many people hold onto clouds. We need to bring them the sunshine to create a rainbow of goodness and beauty. One small act of kindness is all you need.

I’ve always known the power of a simple action. I understand the effect a kind word can have on someone’s day. Yet, despite this awareness, sometimes I completely underestimate the true power one of these actions can really have. Other people are constantly reminding me of how each little thing I do has a lasting effect. Guess what? Every little thing that you do has a lasting effect on others, too.

Most of us don’t even realize how others are impacted by the way we act or things we do. When someone in the car next to you smiles at you, you feel a little happier. When the person yells obscenities at you, your mood goes down. Do you want to be the person that adds a little gloom to someone’s day with unkind words or lack of recognition? Or would you rather be the person that does consistent acts of kindness to bring sunshine into someone’s life?

Some little things you can do that have a big impact:

  • send a random text, e-mail, or message to say hello.
  • make eye contact.
  • smile at everyone.
  • say hello to people.
  • open a door for someone.
  • leave encouraging notes (post-its are fun!).
  • compliment someone.
  • give a hug. be random.
  • pay for someone’s meal or cup of coffee.
  • present someone with a flower.
  • dance. in public. someone will see you and smile.
  • open doors for others.
  • show appreciation. say thank you to each person that does something for you today.

What can you do today to be a rainbow in someone’s life?

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