It’s that wedding season again, and I’ve found myself as the best man in two weddings. Always a best man, never a groom. But that’s not the reason for this post… there really isn’t a deep reason for this post. And I’m not selling anything. I’m just showing a little project I’ve been working on.

My brother is getting married in August and I wanted to make him something particularly special and unique. So I came up with an idea for a kit. This kit is now known as the ‘bare necessities for the everyman’. (If you can think of a more creative name, I’ll happily consider it)

The idea is that each kit I make is based on the interests of the specific person, but the items being useful for damn near any one. For my brother, he really wants to try a good scotch. And that hatchet was actually my father’s hatchet and now that my brother just had a son, it seems fitting he pass it down. The knife is an old stiletto (knives are important for life of course). It gets me thinking though, about the bare necessities and how we define ourselves based on what we need (and what we think we need).

My no-shampoo for 150 days post received a bit of attention recently (thanks to reddit!). As you can tell, I’m developing this theme of questioning needs and wants. It’s not just for minimalists. Consumerism is a drug, so it doesn’t hurt to detox once in a while.

Of course, giving a gift like this serves very little practical purpose. I’m not even sure I’d want one. But it’s a fun gift to make, and it will be a fun gift to give. He isn’t getting married until late August, so I am banking on him not reading my blog.

My girlfriend was inspired by this, so we made one for her uncle. He has been a bit down since his father just passed, so we wanted to cheer him up. Since he loves literature (former English teacher for forever), music (harmonica), and good whiskey (Makers Mark), we made him the second Bare Necessities for the Everyman kit below.

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