Ever wonder what it’s like to live in an artists loft? Or a warehouse space? Have questions about how to find, build, or create an unconventional living and work space? Maybe you’re just seeking inspiration for your own set up.

Well, this is for you.

This series is for the folks that appreciate the unusual homes, lofts, live, and work spaces. Most of the spaces features here are live/ work environments for artists, musicians, producers etc.

My goal with this series is three part:

1. to inspire folks to create their own unconventional living space

2. to help answer questions on how to find and build up an unusual living/ work space

3. to offer a place for artists to share what they do while sharing the places they do it in

Future posts will include features of unusual living spaces ranging from a loft, warehouse, industrial cottage, French castle, nightclub, grain silo, VFW hall, and more.

Lasly, if you know anyone who has a unique or just damn interesting living situation and would like to be featured, please get in touch! If anonymity is needed or preferred, that’s no problem. There are a lot of folks out there looking for inspiration on unconventional living locations. Let’s collaborate. Show off your place and show us what you do.

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