I’m Laura. I’m 24. I’m passionate about simple living and making conscious, sustainable choices. Minimalism brought me to where I am. My passion for simple living and happiness keeps me on this path.  I also value positive interactions, loving self, loving others, and living life in a way that brings happiness. This is my journey.

I currently live in Illinois on the line between Chicago suburban sprawl and country roads. I attend graduate school to earn my Master’s in special education and spend the rest of my time volunteering.  I have an undergraduate background in film-making and creative writing. When I’m not working, I’m curled up with a book, taking photos, trying new teas, walking through cemeteries, geocaching, meeting new people, or planning my wedding.

After I finish graduate school, get married, and explore life a little more, I aim to build a Tiny House in a small town (with a library and coffee house!), grow my own vegetables, watch the sun rise and set every day, ride my bike around, teach and read and write, take photos, be an active member of my community, travel often, love much, spend time with my family & friends, and just live. Simply. Happiness is there.

what you should know.

  • I am not trying to live with less than 100 things. I am trying to minimize my possessions down to the bare essentials. A specific number does not matter much to me.
  • I do not live out of a suitcase, travel, and blog to earn a living. I love being a teacher because I make a difference and influence kids on a daily basis. I leave work feeling fulfilled. Summer and winter breaks are also good for me to focus on my other passions!
  • I will not be writing an eBook. I’m just here to write.
  • I write about simple living because it’s something I do. It’s something I realized I’ve done since I was a kid and it’s me. So I want to talk about me and what I do and hope it can benefit you. Simple.

In the summer of 2020, I stumbled upon the minimalist movement and became hooked. It’s perfect for me – a lifestyle with few possessions, little-to-no debt, and the complete freedom to travel as much as one desired. I had no clue there was a word for it since I’ve always been frugal and hated clutter. Since finding numerous blogs by amazing writers, I purged my possessions, stopped buying unnecessary things (not that I had a lot, anyway), and focused more on conscious living. This blog will document my progress with adopting the simple life I desire, improving myself as a person, and living a sustainable life. I also hope to inspire you towards a simple, stress-free life doing what you love!

what will reading this blog do for you?

I embrace minimalism and living a sustainable lifestyle. I value positive interactions. I encourage improvement of self and building community with those around you. I cherish life. All of these will appear in my posts, one way or another. Minimalism is not the sole focus of this blog, but is the foundation. While I will  mainly be chronicling bits of my minimalist journey, I am also focusing on you.

My goal is to find what makes us happyhelp us create valuable relationships, and take all the necessary steps to help us live a simple, free, happy life. I have found ways to make my life simpler through minimalism and making environmentally-conscious choices; I want you do the same, if you’re willing to take that step. You may agree with me 100% and listen to everything I say or you may disagree with many things and challenge my thoughts. You may find some things I share apply to you, while you skip over others. All I ask is that you think about each aspect of your life and ask, “What can I do to make my life better?

If none of this interests you, then you just get a peek at my life!

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