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66 Ways to be a Kid Again

Many adults have a problem. They don’t know how to have fun.

Hopefully, you don’t have this problem. You’ve got tons of giggles every day. Right?

No? That’s what I thought. And that’s OK. It’s easy to get caught up in e-mails, meetings, errands, social media, laundry, and bills. After all, we’re adults. We have responsibilities.

You’ll find a plethora of sources online that give you a simple guide to having fun, free ways to entertain yourself, creative, cheap ways to have fun or show you how to enjoy your weekend like a minimalist. They offer us adults many ways to relax and have fun when we allow ourselves to do so. What none of them really offer, though, is how to unwind and relax as if you were ten years old.

When you were ten years old, you didn’t have deadlines, bills, and responsibilities that define adults. Your world probably consisted of marshmallows in your cheerios and running through sprinklers. Would you like to be ten years old again? Would you like to drop the responsibility? You can. Anytime you want – no time travel necessary. Be a kid for an entire weekend or just let that inner child come up randomly during your daily grind. Who knows, maybe being an adult will turn out to be a lot more fun!

Cancel your weekend plans. Jump back in time ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty years. Be a kid.

1. Climb a tree.

2. Swing on a swing-set. Just swing.

3. Do a cartwheel.

4. Draw with chalk on the sidewalk.

5. Bury a friend up to his or her neck in sand. Build a sand castle.

6. Lay down,and roll down a hill horizontally. See how fast you can roll down.

7. Get a few water guns and run around, squirting your friends.

8. Run through a sprinkler with your clothes on.

9. Splash in a puddle!

10. Lay on your back and find shapes in the clouds.

11. Rollerblade, skateboard, ride your bike.

12. Round up a group of friends and play tag.

13. Walk barefoot in wet grass.

14. Catch fireflies in a glass jar.

15. Do a handstand!

16. Camp in your backyard. Or better yet, your parents’ backyard.

17. Have a water balloon battle.

18. Go to an amusement park.

19. Build a sand castle.

20. Fly a kite.

21. Blow bubbles.

22. Visit a pumpkin patch. Go on a hayride.

in the winter…
23. Build a snow fort.

24. Make snow angels.

25. Have a snowball fight.

26. Go sledding!

27. Drink hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows.

meals and snack time…
28. Have a bowl of your favorite childhood cereal.
Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Cookie Crisp. Capt’n Crunch. Trix. Cocoa Puffs. Lucky Charms. Kix. Sugary cereals are oh-so-bad for you but oh-so-good. Go ahead, indulge!

29. Buy a large ice cream cone and let it melt on your fingers.

30. Bake homemade cookies. Lick the cookie dough off the spoon.

31. Drink soda from a glass bottle, with a straw in it.

32. Buy an ice cream bar from the ice cream truck.

33. Dunk your cookies.

34. Blow the wrapper off a straw.

35. Eat a cupcake. Or three.

36. Trade someone for a better sandwich at lunchtime.

unleash your inner child’s creativity…
37. Build a LEGO creation.

38. Get some paint and create an abstract work of art. Use your fingers. Pin it on the fridge.

39. Create shapes and models from playdough (or clay).

40. Play a game where you make up the rules as you go along.

be silly….
41. Put an orange slice in your mouth, peel out, and smile at people.

42. Giggle for no reason.

43. Put gold star stickers in random places.

44. Skip down the halls.

45. Wear whatever you want, even if it doesn’t match.

46. Make a silly face at a stranger.

47. Spin around in circles until you get dizzy and fall down.

for old time’s sake…
48. Watch episodes of old Saturday morning cartoons.
You will be able to find them online or rent from the library. Maybe your parents have old VHS tapes of Power Rangers episodes tucked in the back of their entertainment centers.

49. Play Trouble, Candyland, Mousetrap, Hungry Hungry Hippo or another childhood game.

50. Have a Corey Feldman movie marathon. Eat lots of popcorn!

51. Watch a classic Disney movie.

52. Play hide-and-seek.

53. Dust off your old Nintendo and play some Mario.

54. Color in a coloring book.

55. Listen to w Kids on the Block, Spice Girls, Nirvana, what have you.

56. Browse the toy section of antique stores and flea markets.

57. Dust off your old Pokemon cards and play a game.

58. Go to bed early. 7:30pm? Yes.

59. Have a race with a friend to the next corner.

60. Have someone read you a story.
Pull your favorite childhood book off the shelf, hand it to your best friend or significant other, and have them read it to you! Demand that they use different voices for the characters. Feel free to giggle at the absurdity of the situation.

61. Read a comic book under the covers with a flashlight.

62. Read a couple Babysitters Club or Boxcar Children novels.

63. Have a pillow fight.

64. Invite your best friends over for a sleepover.

65. Set up a lemonade stand.

66. Make some prank phone calls.

It doesn’t stop here. What did you enjoy doing as a kid? Go do it.

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