A few months back I reported on the quest I’ve undertaken to live a shampoo-less life. Well, it has been 150 days.

I had previously read a number of articles that indicated the benefits of a poo free life. So being the forever-life-experimenter, I jumped head first into a shampoo free lifestyle.

Now understand, my hair is (was) always naturally damn oily. I could lather up and be looking pretty and by the end of the day I had the look of a pre-teen working the grease pit at a fast food joint. Bah, life isn’t fair.

So truly, I had nothing to lose. And now I can report to you all 150 days later, my hair hasn’t touched a drop of shampoo or soap. And it has never looked healthier. Now mind you, I do wash my hair thoroughly with hot water damn near every day in the shower. But no shampoo. It just isn’t necessary.

Understand that this has taken a bit of discipline. The first two weeks or so was spent wearing a lot of hats and hiding the grease mop that my hair had become. But then something clicked and my hair began cleaning itself. It no longer looked greasy and it actually smelled neutral. The best way for me to explain this is to have you smell your skin. Does it smell like anything? I mean right now, smell your forearm. That’s how my hair smells.

It’s been so successful that I’ve had a number of friends convert to the ‘poo free life. Even my beautiful yogi girlfriend uses less shampoo,  though she’s found that it’s closer to once or twice a month for her. Something about a lot of long, thick hair may be the difference, I don’t know.

But I can report on my behalf. It works. I’ve gone to bonfires and then just washed my hair that night in the shower, using lots of hot water. Always fresh, always clean.

I encourage you to give it a try. What’s the worst that happens? You end up hating my advice and walking around with dreadlocks. Worse things will happen to you.

But what will probably happen is that you may start to consider to question all the silly things you’ve been taught you whole life. Yes, even shampoo has been sold to us. We’ve bought the idea and culture of ‘clean’ hair, but it turns out mother nature already takes care of it for us.

Hot water and a good head rub and scrub can go a long way.

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