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  1. Startup Breakfast
  2. B’more on Rails
  3. The Balt/DC Javascript Users Group
  4. Innovate Baltimore
  5. Startup Weekend
  6. iPhone Programming 101
  7. Refresh Bmore
  8. Baltimore PHP
  9. Baltimore Social Media Club
  10. TEDxMidAtlantic
  11. CreateBaltimore
  12. Baltimore NetSquared
  13. Education Hack Day
  14. Baltimore Node
  15. Baltimore Python
  16. Baltimore WordPress
  17. Baltimore Parlay
  18. Civic Hack Day
  19. The Baltimore Washington Tech Meetup
  20. Baltimore Drupal Meetup
  21. Baltimore Hackathon
  22. Ignite Baltimore
  23. IxDA Baltimore
  24. “A Day In The Life” Baltimore Design Conference
  25. DrupalCamp Maryland
  26. Tech Crawl East
  27. CloudCamp
  28. Betascape
  29. B’more Creatives
  30. Baltimore and Columbia Tech Breakfast
  31. Baltimore Cocoa
  32. CrowdPitch
  33. Baltimore Mobile